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The domains listed on are listed by their respective owners.  Listings at DN50 are completely free but domains go through a rigorous listing procedure to insure that they meet certain criteria for age, value, and traffic potential.  Most are keyword-oriented domains related to specific industries.

To contact someone about a specific domain, please email the owner on the whois record, or if the domain is privately registered, we will be happy to forward your request on.  In most cases, on domains with BUY-NOW pricing, we cannot forward lower offers on to the owner, as the owner has already agreed that this is the lowest price that they are willing to sell the domain for.  In fact, as a condition of their free listing, the owner must sell the domain at DN50 for a lower price than they offer it at ANY other domain listing service that charges a fee.

To contact the websmaster or to list your domains for sale on this site, please send an email to domains .at. (we have a no-SPAM policy and do report all SPAM emails).

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